About Us

Our mission is to make exam preparation exceedingly accessible, stress-free and incredibly effective for all.

The Test Ready Purpose

Launched in 2021, Test Ready is a uniquely Australian exam preparation resource designed to explicitly challenge a growing gap in the education market. It’s tough getting into a desirable educational institution - there’s tumultuous competition, growing pressure and high expectations to be met. The last thing a student needs is uncertainty around what is required of them to reach their goals.

Test Ready exam preparation resources are not another commercialised product. We sat down with a range of curriculum experts, teaching professionals and broader educationalists to develop a fully-encompassing set of tools. The need for an effective solution goes beyond students. Parents need to feel trusted that their child has access to the very best information as a return on their investment. Teachers need to know they are serving their students with the ideal knowledge base, imparting their passion for learning to the next generation.

Who Are We?

Test Ready is not a corporation. We’re a purposeful collection of Mums and Dads with children just like yours. Coming from a teaching background empowered us to see where students have the most difficulty, and where there was an opportunity to add value and make a difference in the development of our future leaders.

Education shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s why we set out to develop a solution that is extraordinarily accessible for all, without compromising quality and suitability. Our courses and teaching resources are backed by and created alongside fellow teachers and tutors to be just what your student needs. 

We’re continually striving to add more value, updating and building the Test Ready resources based on the latest curriculum, scholarship guidelines and guidance from educational experts. We are here for you, whenever you need us.

Our Values Are Our Foundation

Test Ready weaves four core principles into everything we do

Maximise Opportunities

Every student deserves a chance to choose where they study. Without the opportunity to further oneself, it’s hard to reach our goals. Students who put in the work deserve their best shot at the best educational institutions available. Scoring a position has become increasingly tricky as places are limited, and competition is fierce. Test Ready enables students to maximise their learning opportunities.

Enable Effective Preparation

A great performance requires great preparation. Even the truly naturally gifted cannot avoid this fact. Test Ready empowers our students to prepare with confidence ahead of schedule. Knowing where you went wrong and how to do better next time is key to achieving our best. We give students and parents a straightforward method to prepare for important exams, avoiding the stress that comes with a lack of guidance.

Help Achieve Goals

If you’re not completely satisfied, we’re not happy. All our preparatory material is available when you need it. More than anything else, we want you to succeed in securing your academic goals. While we cannot do the work for you, Test Ready is your partner along the way, guiding you to your chosen finish line with confidence.

A Truly Holistic Resource

Our courses and resources are designed by educational experts for students, parents and teachers. It’s not enough to just hand students what they need to succeed. We want teachers and other educational professionals to be emboldened with the tools they need to teach the next generation without compromise.