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Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any results. Our tests are designed to replicate the difficulty and structure of the real thing. If you or your child are comfortably passing the tests, it is an accurate reflection of how you should expect to perform in the real thing.

The best way to pass a test is to understand what is required of you. This may be in regards to the knowledge necessary, the structure of the questions or the criteria used to mark responses. Completing practice tests is the best way to simulate the real thing.

Yes. When it comes to final stage preparation, sticking to the exam’s timing is highly recommended, as students need to perform under those conditions.

Via our online platform.

They are a reflection of the real thing. If you or your student are finding them challenging, we suggest additional practice. Taking easier tests will not adequately prepare a student for the actual exam.

Three times.

Yes. There is also parental access through which you can analyse your child’s performance relative to the standards.